All about Sony PRS-T1 and Sony PRS-T2 Electronic Books and more

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All about Sony PRS-T1 and Sony PRS-T2 Electronic Books and more
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Sony PRS-T1 talks (forums and blogs links)

Sony Reader (Android OS) forum page at
Sony Reader (Android OS) forum page

SONY PRS-T1 talk at forum
SONY PRS-T1 talk at forum
There are a number of forums and blogs where people shared his impressions about the device Sony PRS-T1, discusses the firmware, applications, Android, emerging issues, share operational experience, discusses how to purchase, exchange programs. This page contains links to the most popular resources where you can read and talk on e-books Sony PRS-T1 and related software.
Forum for Sony Reader devices based on Android (, in Russian)
PRS-T1 - Root,Russification and applications for Android (boroda) (, in Russian)
PRS-T1 -Russification and additional applications installation (amutin) (, in Russian)
PRS-T1 - Extended functionality and Russification (rupor) (, in Russian)
Sony PRS-T1: General Discussion (, in Russian)
Sony Reader T1 FAQ (, in Russian)
Sony Reader all models FAQ (, in Russian)
Where to get Sony Reader? (ways to buy a Reader) (, in Russian)
Sony Reader does not work properly on Android (, in Russian)
Sony PRS-T1 (E-ink Pearl, ОС Android) (, in Russian)
Sony PRS-T1 firmware (, in Russian)
Cool Reader. Port of the famous reading software on the Android (, in Russian)
Fairly new eBook Sony PRS-T1... I want to buy, but may be, there is a better choice (, in Russian)
Discussion of the iXBT article: "Sony Reader PRS-T1 - thoroughbred Reader with a touch screen E-Ink Pearl" (, in Russian)
Sony PRS-T1 talk at (, in Russian)
Sony Reader - Аll of the Sony reader models (, in English)
Live Journal:
sony_prs_t1  (Sony PRS-T1 Live Journal Community, in Russian)
chitalking  (Gavriil Chitalkin's Journal, in Russian)
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