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All about Sony PRS-T1 and Sony PRS-T2 Electronic Books and more

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All about Sony PRS-T1 and Sony PRS-T2 Electronic Books and more
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Sharing our experiences - useful articles for reading people

Calculator installed on Sony PRS-T1
♦ How to install applications on Sony PRS-T1 (Gavriil Chitalkin)
Electronic reader SONY PRS-T1 is running the Android operating system version 2.1.1. That means that the most of programs developed for Android can be safely installed on device. In this sense, PRS-T1 Reader is not much different from conventional Android tablet. Those who already have experience installing applications for Android, will unlikely find a lot of useful information in this article, which is addressed mainly for those who are going do it for the first time. Nevertheless, experts could find the technique of system memory extension (original size of DATA volume is only 40 MB) using App2SD and Link2SD applications. Also they could recognize how to install the additional font set to the Cool Reader application and some other tips and tricks.
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Flashing Sony PRS-T2 Reader. Reading memory dump.
♦ Flashing Sony PRS-T2 Reader (Gavriil Chitalkin)
The undocumented method widely used for accessing memory partitions of the Sony PRS-T1 Reader, did not fit the PRS-T2 model. The enthusiasts had to work hard to find a way to install the third-party software for Sony PRS-T2 ebook. The article describes a study on the firmware update for Sony PRS-T2, a comparative overview of the firmware by boroda, rupor and amutin. It provides information on the compatibility of alternative packages with built-in firmware for its different versions. Practical recommendations for users, who wish to expand the functionality of its reader are given. At the end of the article a wide collection of links related to the Sony PRS-T2 firmware and third-party software installation procedures.
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Inter-pixel grid on the TFT electronic book display
♦ The screens of electronic books. Which is better? (Gavriil Chitalkin)
One can often hear that best screens for reading electronic books are that made on the basis of the electronic ink (e-ink) technology. Many people think that they are better, safer to the eye than the color liquid crystal displays (TFT), because the last glow, and the first reflects light, as is the case with the paper in a conventional printed book. Actually, the brightness and contrast of color emitting display can always be configured so that the e-ink "reflected light" image is almost impossible to distinguish from the luminous image. However, there are many other features of different types of screens - TN, MVA/PVA/IPS, OLED/AmoLED, E-ink. Many of them significantly affect the eyes, and a total body fatigue when reading. This article is devoted to those features review. We tried to make the main conclusions and to give some recommendations to our readers.
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How to extend the life of electronic book (damaged e-Ink screen shown)
♦ How to extend the life of electronic book (Gavriil Chitalkin)
Handling device for electronic reading as well as tablet PCs rules seems to be obvious for many. Should we follow these rules? If you want your e-reader to serve you for the next 4-5 years, then, of course, we should. How to handle a screen, how to protect it, how to properly clean - not everyone knows. Not all of you know how to properly charge the battery, whether it should be charged if the device is left for the long-term storage. In addition, in this article, you will learn how the low and high temperatures affect the device for reading books. You will realize how is important to keep your e-Book from the rain and from direct sunlight. And in the end of the article the real surpise is waiting for your attention: a short poetry version of this article, created by a wonderful poet Mahmud Otar-Muhtarov. Enjoy!
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