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All about Sony PRS-T1 and Sony PRS-T2 Electronic Books and more

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All about Sony PRS-T1 and Sony PRS-T2 Electronic Books and more
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About this site

The popularity of electronic devices for e-books reading is growing day by day. The market features dozens of look-alike models. It is hard to understand without prior training the differences between them, to realize what problems are awaiting future owners of these devices. Traditionally a trendsetter in the field of electronic books is the company Sony, which was the first to release the portable electronic device for books reading based on screen with the electronic ink (e-ink) technology. Sony Reader PRS-T1 Wi-Fi model, which started to sale in the U.S. in August 2011 (in Russia the book started the officially selling in December 2011), caused the most of discussions.
First, this is the first device for reading electronic books, made on Android operating system. Second, the multi-touch display use the optical infrared sensors that provide exceptional sensitivity and the ability to work not only with the stylus, but just with fingers, even when wearing gloves. Third, this is the first (and so far only) book by Sony, supporting the wireless network, which enables to use the Internet (in a book built complete web browser) to make purchases at the Reader Store and download books from the many online libraries (after the modifications of software). Fourth, it is the lightest and smallest-sized Reader with a screen size of 6 inches. And fifthly, the price in the U.S. is $ 100-130, that is, the device is still cheap.
From the earliest days of the sale to Sony PRS-T1 gained immense popularity among readers. But some problems began to occur: people were getting not only the "Russian" device (with a very poor software), but "American", with alternative firmware and the Russification already been pre-installed by seller. Owners faced with an unstable work of individual firmware, lock-ups, the Russification loss. Many owners had to flash the device with alternative firmware themselves, often making mistakes. Moreover, many owners have no idea that there is a difference between "Russian" and "American" devices. Many of Russified "American" models owners are not aware that their devices were Russified before the sale. As a result, people have many questions. Owners of e-books are trying to find answers to many of the specialized forums, ask questions there, and many times are the same ones.
To help the Reader Sony PRS-T1 owners (as well as people who are going to buy an e-book) not to get caught up in the specialized resources having rich technical terminology, we decided to create this website.
The site was opened (initially on a free hosting) in January 2012 and contained a frequently asked questions of the owners of Sony PRS-T1. Later, the reference topics, news block appeared, we began to publish original articles based on the experience of the website authors. The most popular became the "Hot Line", which was opened in March 2012. In this section, visitors leave their feedback on the site, suggestions, ideas. Also there you can ask questions on Sony Reader PRS-T1, which we try to respond within a few hours.
Although the site is devoted to Sony PRS-T1 model, we also touch upon the common issues here - the types of screens, energy consumption, how to install the software in the Android operating system, reviews of digital libraries, etc. We talk about other manufacturers electronic books - PocketBook, Nook, Kindle, etc., trying to still apply the material in comparison with the device from Sony.
The site is rapidly gaining popularity among readers. We hope that the owners of e-books will find here all the things interesting to them and useful information. We look forward to you comments, suggestions and questions concerning the development of the project. You can send them by e-mail or by filling out a short form at the bottom of the page. We are also ready to consider offers from advertisers.
Dear visitors, we hope that through joint efforts with you, our project will become more interesting and useful for owners of e-books, and for those who are just going to get a similar device. As for us we will do everything possible for this.
With respect, the authors of the project:
Gavriil Chitalkin (Editor-in-chief)
Cornelius Root (cipds) (technical editor, layout)
Mahmud Otar-Muhtarov (literary editor).
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