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All about Sony PRS-T1 and Sony PRS-T2 Electronic Books and more

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All about Sony PRS-T1 and Sony PRS-T2 Electronic Books and more
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Where to buy Sony PRS-T1

If you are going to purchase the eBook Sony PRS-T1, you must first decide which type of device ("American" or "Russian") do you prefer. All the advantages and disadvantages of both types of Sony PRS-T1 models can be found in relevant section.
1. Version for U.S. and European markets:
"American" devices are well represented in the section For sale of forum. Many sellers offer delivery to Russia and other countries, they also offer all sorts of accessories and bonuses and a free alternative firmware at the option of the buyer. Some sellers additionally offer their own warranty. Below is a list of some of the approved sellers with relative links:
Alp-Book - Express delivery to Moscow, St. Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Kaluga, Tver, Chelyabinsk, Ekaterinburg, Tyumen.
sergmoj - Amazon Kindle, Sony Reader, Nook, cheap covers and lamps. Delivery in Moscow and throughout Russia.
REALexMSG - Readers Sony T1/x50, Amazon Fire/4/3/DX, Nook Tablet/Touch. Delivery in Moscow and throughout Russia.
berboris - Apple iPad2, Sony PRS T1/950/350/650/300, Kindle, Nook. Warranty. North America, Russia. Can send the parcel from the USA to Moscow.
bogdatov - iPad3. Readers Sony T1/350/650/950. Kindle. Nook. Apple. Delivery by EMS from the United States. Help with buying on eBay, Amazon, Newegg, etc.
boroda - Sony Reader PRS-T1, Kindle, Nook Simple Touch. Shipping from USA worldwide.
Also a lot of suggestions can be found in Russia at radio markets and in shopping centers (e.g., TC "Mitinskiy radiorynok" or TC "Gorbushkin Dvor" in Moscow). When purchasing you have to be sure with the right firmware version number, as in such places the e-books, intended for the Russian market, are also sold.
Sony Reader PRS-T1, designed for American and European markets, can also be purchased abroad, e.g. in USA. As a rule, even with shipping to Russia it would cost a little bit cheaper. Among the few drawbacks of this method of purchase - a mandatory prepayment, there is no way to test the device prior to payment, and a long enough period of delivery: a parcel from the U.S. to Moscow needs to be delivered normally in 10-20 days (Express mail) or 20-30 days (Priority mail). Another disadvantage is that you have to install the alternative firmware and additional applications for the Android yourself. Below are the most popular places to purchase e-books: - Sony eReader PRS-T1 2GB, Wi-Fi, 6in. The world's largest auction site.
B&H Photo Video - Sony PRS -T1 Wi-Fi Reader. The world famous electronics store in New York. Delivery to Russia and other countries.
Sony store - Corporate online store Sony, selling for U.S. and Canada, does not ship directly to Russia. - The world's largest online store. Electronic readers directly to Russia are not sent, you need to use an intermediary.
and others.
2. Version for the Russian market:
Sony store (Russia) - Sony e-books and accessories. Order through the website or by phone. Delivery within Russia. - Online megastore. Sony Reader PRS-T1 and other e-books. Consumer electronics, books, etc. Pickup in Moscow. Delivery within Russia.
ION Digital Center - E-books Sony, accessories. Online store, more than 90 outlets in Moscow. - Internet-shop "White Wind Digital". Delivery in Moscow and major cities of Russia. Pickup in Moscow.
M-Video Internet-shop of electronics. Delivery all over Russia. Pickup from stores in Moscow.
Oldi - Computer Center. Pickup from stores in Moscow. Delivery in Moscow and to regions.
and others.
When purchasing you have to be sure to check the device firmware version number. In addition, there is a label "Support FB2 (after a firmware update)" on the box with e-book, intended for the Russian market.

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