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All about Sony PRS-T1 and Sony PRS-T2 Electronic Books and more

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All about Sony PRS-T1 and Sony PRS-T2 Electronic Books and more
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Alternative firmware and applications

Currently the alternative firmware and application packages are available only for American version of the device (firmware numbers,, ,, For Russian version (firmware numbers or the alternative software does not yet exist. To find out the current firmware version number of your device select "Settings - About your device - Device Information - Version" ("Настройки - Об устройстве - Информация об устройстве - Версия").
Before you install any packages on your device, it is strongly recommended to update the "native" (factory made) firmware to the latest version (currently is You can download the firmware installation package from the Sony site.
Currently, the most popular alternative firmware and application packages are distributed by the following authors: amutin, boroda and rupor. Each of the authors offer kits that add various functionality to the device - from Cool Reader (or FB2 Reader), and Bar Shortcuts (to run the programs installed) to a complete software package that contains a variety of programs that support a huge number of book formats, dictionaries, file manager, calculator, games, Android launchers, the utility to select the interface language (Including Russian), etc. The proposed packages are almost not affect the proprietary software, the "native" functionality is preserved. Additional applications can be run through the menu BarShortcuts (this menu opens when tap on the top line of the screen "Home") or by located on the third page of the Home screen shortcuts. They can also be run using the alternative launcher or File Manager, you can even chose the application just tapping on a book icon.
Most of the proposed package contains tools to remove unnecessary applications or to add new ones. The authors also offer recovery packages, allowing the device to return to its original state.
Alternative packages are usually allow to read fb2 (the most popular in Russia format) using Cool Reader or FB2 Reader applications. The latest versions of firmware from rupor make it possible to read fb2 with the "native" Sony Reader application. In other words, the "American" reader with the latest firmware by rupor in terms of reading book is virtually identical to the device for the Russian market with the latest firmware installed. But this alternative variant has many additional features.
To know more about the possibilities of alternative firmware, installation instructions, and download firmware and application packages please refer to:
PRS-T1 - Russification and install additional applications (amutin)
PRS-T1 - Root, Russification, and applications for Android (boroda)
PRS-T1 - Advanced functionality and Russification (rupor)

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